Sunday, June 29, 2014

Et de deux!!!(The bullseye dress)

I finally finished my second dress. Another knock off. I'm on a roll especially since I am going to Africa again in a month. I need basic pieces so I will try not to sew fancy dresses for the closet like my hubby always says. I will also try to just follow a pattern from start to finish. Who am I kidding!
I saw this dress on originally and had to make it. It is made by Dolce Vita and was priced at $242. Aside from the price which is way out of my budget and the skirt which I didn't like, I loved the uniqueness of the bodice. Sooo I had to knock it off.
I wanted a pattern with a yoke and no darts on the front bodice. I went through my stash and was almost ready to draft my own bodice when I found Vogue 8944. It indeed fits the bill. I cut a size 12 but next time will cut a 10.

The rayon striped fabric is from my stash. I got it at Hancock on the clearance table fro $3.98/yard. The cutting went fairly quickly because matching the chevron with a 1 inch wide striped fabric is easier than on a fabric with smaller stripes. I did recut the yoke a second time though because I mixed up the sides.
Since I wanted to recreate the V in the back, I modified the back bodice and added an exposed zipper. I followed this Pattern Runway method for sewing exposed zippers. It was my first time sewing an exposed zipper. I had to be careful to match the stripes but the Pattern Runway instructions were so clear that it was very easy. Interfacing the seam allowances make all the difference.

The dress is fully lined since the rayon is really thin and see through. I decided to try the Colette Pattern  method on how to line sleeveless knit dresses and actually liked it better than my own method. So from now on I will use the Colette Pattern method. It saves time. I had to take the dress down completely right before putting in the zipper when I realized that I cut the yoke for the lining to short and it was actually showing through the striped fabric. Ugh!!!!! I hate undoing serged seams. The construction went faster the second time around.  

 I wore the dress this week to a girls night out and got a lot of compliments. My friends called it the bullseye dress. It can be dressed up and down so what not to like.

I am such a sucker for stripes that my next project is another striped dress. 
A bientot!


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    1. Thank you Adrienne for commenting on my blog! I love your creations and enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Gorgeous! It looks better on you than on the model...

  3. Wow! This is stunning! What a great dress!

  4. It turned out incredible! I love watching you starting from a picture and creating gorgeous!!

    See you when I/we are done travelling... I have a serger now :-)

  5. What a great knock-off! You did a fantastic job on this dress. Congrats!

    1. Thanks! I hope to join you at the Meetup one of these days!

  6. What a fabulous dress. I am sooo jealous. It looks better than the RTW version imo!

  7. Another lovely stripy dress! Love this!