Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pattern Review: BurdaStyle 02-2010-104 Yellow Linen Skirt

Homeschooling has already started for us and in my spare time I've been trying to catch up with posting the rest of my summer makes. One of my wardrobe pieces is the BurdaStyle yellow linen skirt from the BurdaStyle issue 02/2010.

Worn with the Colorblock lace top

It was pretty easy to put together. Cutting and sewing took about an afternoon to complete. I cut a 42 but could have gotten away with a 40 since it's a little loose on me.
Worn with the striped floral applique top

I usually get the French Burda because the instructions are easier for me to read in French. The French Burda instructions are okay but they could be better.

I used a yellow linen blend from my stash which I believe I got from Joann from a while ago. I had bought it for a colorblocking project and changed my mind so it has been sitting in my stash for the longest. 
Now I wish I had more yellow fabrics in my stash. With this summer wardrobe I went a little out of my comfort zone with colors especially since the floral fabric I used goes with so many solid bright hues. I love this skirt and the fit is perfect.

The Burda skirt pattern doesn't call for a lining but I added one by cutting the front and back pattern pieces in bemberg lining fabric. Interestingly the lining is blue. After trying several color linings from my stash under the yellow linen and the only color that didn't show through is the blue lining. Go figure!

Skirt worn with the famous Burda 02/2009 puffed sleeve top

I am planning on sewing this again in stretch denim for Fall.


  1. Such a lovely colour on you! Who would have thought a blue lining would have been the best colour from your stash! Is it a light blue?
    Keep on stash busting - my efforts have been on hold since starting a new job two weeks ago I haven't had a minute for sewing ; (

    1. Thanks Caroline! Yes, the lining is light blue. I will have to add a picture of the inside of the skirt. I know how you feel about sewing being on hold. Since homeschooling has started for us I have little to no time to sew. I am trying to finish a few more summer stashbusting projects that I started before going on vacation. Hopefully since the weather has been so nice here in California, I am hoping to wear them a little bit before it gets colder.
      Congrats on your new job!!