Tuesday, April 21, 2015

DVF rocks! Wrap Dress Sew Along reveal at last! Kwik Sew 3408 Review

I am a huge DVF fan! Who isn't? Her wrap dresses are just timeless! I especially love the fabrics she uses. While I don't own a DVF wrap dress or the famous Vogue pattern, I have been on a quest for the "perfect" wrap dress.
The McCalls Pattern Conpany Wrap Dress Sew Along was a great incentive to try and work on replicating my latest DVF crush.

Isn't this dress gorgeous!!! The colors are so vibrant! I had to make it! Back in January, I looked online and found the perfect match at Gorgeous fabrics. The fabric is a matte jersey knit. The only thing is that it is on the light side. I have a few matte jersey fabrics and always thought they were medium weight like the one I used for my Red Burda twist dress. I guess I  was too excited to actually check the actual weight of the fabric. Anyway, it's not a deal breaker, it's just that it because it's so light, it shows all the lumps and bumps. At least it's not see-through so I didn't have to line it.

I went snoop shopping at Nordstrom to see the inside of the Gracie dress. The fabric used for DVF dress is a beefy stretch crepe fabric. As you can see the neckline is quite low. 

I set out to find a pattern that was simple enough to modify to replicate the DVF dress. Since the requirements of the Sew Along were to only use a McCalls Pattern Company pattern, I chose the Kwik Sew 3408.

It is a simple wrap dress pattern with bust darts. I cut the size medium and made a muslin to check the fit and will go with the size small next time. The pattern runs big. I had to take in 2 inches from the sides.

I made the following modifications:
-I made the dress a little wider at front by extending the top and bottom half of the pattern. 
-I raised the neckline for better coverage.   
-I removed 2 inches from the front and back bodice and 2 inches from the bottom front and back to make a finished 1.5 inch contrast band. For a neat finish, I folded the contrast band facing under the seam allowance and stitched in the ditch just like the DVF dress.
-I used stay tape on the shoulder seams and on the neck edges and the result is a very snug neckline with zero gaping.

-I omitted the sleeves, added binding to the armholes, folded it under and hand stitched it.
-I fused the skirt edge and hem and hand stitched them as well.

Dress before handstitching it. I dreaded it for days until I got the courage to finish it.

I poured over all the resources and tutorials that Meg provided during the Sew Along and they helped tremendously.

The first lady and I have a very good taste! Don't we?
Until next time!


  1. Wow, wow, wow. You and the first lady look wonderful!

  2. Great dress. You and FLOTUS wear it well.

  3. Je te l'ai déjà dit mais franchement, chapeau pour avoir reproduit cette robe ! Ce que j'adore avec la couture, c'est que peut importe le modèle qui plait, on peut le reproduire, surtout les robes de DVF :))

    1. Je suis tout a fait d'accord!! La couture est un merveilleux atout! Merci ma chere!

  4. Wow, fantastic dress! I love the shape and the colours. And i *looooove* the last photo of you and, who is that, your sister? lol. Great job!

    1. Ha, ha, ha! Yep, that's my sis!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. This is amazing work. I love it. Great look - I love a good colour blocked dress and combine that with the wrap, bellisima!